Whole House Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis home water solution

Whole House Reverse Osmosis: If your water is plagued by excessive contaminants like sodium, chloride, fluoride, and more, a reverse osmosis water filter is the perfect solution.

You’ll get the superior filtration you need to keep your home’s water clean, clear, and tasting great!

Over 75 years providing expert water solutions

Are you looking for water filtration you can rely on? Culligan has been offering outstanding water treatment solutions for homes and businesses for over 75 years.

You’ll always work with a professional team that is committed to your satisfaction!

Experience the benefits of reverse osmosis

  • Culligan Matrix Solutions reverse osmosis membranes
  • Configured and installed by your Culligan Man according to your home’s specifics

  • Well water problems
  • Multi-stage whole house water treatment

Get the best water with our complete systems

Reverse osmosis filters are often used as part of our multi-stage whole house water treatment plans. These plans offer complete water treatment and offer pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, large-capacity storage tank, re-pressurization, and post-reverse-osmosis treatment. Have questions? Get in touch with your Culligan Man today.

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